Natural Weather Resistance

The surface material of MEISHIYA organic silicone leather is composed of silicon oxygen main chains, and this unique chemical structure maximizes weather resistance such as UV resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and salt spray resistance. Even if used outdoors for up to 5 years, it can still be as perfect as new.

Natural Anti Fouling Properties

MEISHIYA silicone leather is inherently antifouling, and most pollutants can be easily removed with clean water or dishwashing liquid without leaving any traces, which greatly saves the cleaning time of interior and exterior decorative materials and reduces the difficulty of cleaning, and conforms to the modern concept of simple and fast life.

Natural Environmental Friendliness

MEISHIYA silicone leather adopts the most advanced coating process and refuses to use organic solvents and chemical additives during the production process, ensuring that all MEISHIYA silicone leather products meet different environmental requirements:

◎Excluding PVC and PU components

◎No plasticizer, heavy metal, Phthalic acid ester, heavy metal and bisphenol (BPA)

◎No Perfluorinated compound, no stabilizer

◎Free of VOC and formaldehyde, continuously improving indoor air quality

◎The product is safe, non-toxic, and non allergenic

◎Recyclable and sustainable materials are more conducive to environmental improvement

Natural Skin Friendly Touch

MEISHIYA organic silicone leather has a soft and delicate touch like baby skin, softening the cold and hard nature of modern steel and cement, giving the entire space an extraordinary openness and tolerance, bringing everyone a warm experience.

Natural Disinfectability

In the process of high-frequency disinfection and cleaning in hospitals, schools and other public places, MEISHIYA silicone leather can resist various cleaners and disinfectants. The common alcohols, Hypochlorous acid, hydrogen peroxide and quaternary ammonium salt disinfectants on the market have no effect on the performance of MEISHIYA silicone.

Customizable Services

The MEISHIYA silicone leather brand has different product lines to meet customers' different application needs and trends. It can also be customized according to customers' needs, paired with various patterns, colors, or substrates.



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