Exploring the advantages of silicone leather from three perspectives


Silicone leather is a synthetic leather product that resembles leather in appearance and feel, and can be used as a substitute. It is usually made from fabric as the base and coated with 100% silicone polymer. Due to its excellent environmental characteristics, organosilicon leather has a qualitative difference from other leather, which can be compared from three aspects.


1.Visual level

The strict process standards of silicone leather achieve high wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance, easy cleaning, and transparency, allowing consumers to enjoy a personalized luxury experience.


2.Health aspect

Organic silicone leather avoids the use of harmful solvents and plasticizers such as DMF by using healthy and environmentally friendly silicone rubber materials and solvent-free composite technology, providing comprehensive care for family health.


3.Tactile level

Organic silicone leather has an extraordinary soft touch, creating a unique skin friendly and soft experience for consumers. In addition to its excellent quality performance, silicone leather continues to meet consumer expectations in terms of sustainability.


Organosilicon leather, with its precise insight into consumer needs and continuous innovative technology, meets consumers' needs for fashion, skin friendly touch, and healthy materials. At the level of sustainable development, it further caters to the new definition of fashion in the concept of consumer sustainability and collaborates with consumers to create a better environment.


Guangdong MEISHIYA Technology Co., Ltd. has over thirty years of deep technology in organic silicone material research and numerous organic silicone adhesive formula patents, forming a complete industrial chain from the synthesis and production of organic silicone raw materials to independent research and development and production of silicone leather composite. Its aim is to provide global users with high-performance organic silicone leather fabrics that are eco-friendly, pollution-resistant, easy to clean, high weather resistant, and sustainable. The modern professional R&D and manufacturing base of MEISHIYA Technology is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The ecological garden style headquarters covers an area of over 20000 square meters, and the advanced production equipment in the manufacturing chain process can meet the high efficiency and high standard mass production order needs of our customers!



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