The mainstream fabric in the field of future baby and child products: it is a MEISHIYA polymer silic


Organic silicon leather fabric is an emerging application fabric in the field of baby and child products. It is mainly made of organic silicon material and is synthesized through high-tech synthesis. It is widely used in the field of baby and child products, and its friendliness to the babies and children is a significant characteristic of MEISHIYA organic silicon leather fabric.

MEISHIYA silicone leather fabric has been widely used in the infant and child industry, and we have received recognition from numerous international brands. Silicone is the main raw material for our silicone leather fabrics, which is consistent with the core properties of materials used in the baby and child products industry. Due to the significant inherent characteristics of organic silicon materials, they are particularly friendly to the infants and children. They have excellent characteristics such as pollution resistance, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray corrosion resistance, water and sweat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, environmental protection and odorlessness, strong wear resistance, and high flame retardancy, which can fully meet the high-end demand for materials in the infant and child product industry. In addition, the surface of silicone leather fabric is smooth, with a soft and comfortable feel, which meets the physiological characteristics and safety requirements of infants and children!


MEISHIYA organic silicon leather fabric, as a new generation of ecological metamaterial, uses 100% food grade organic silicon and adopts a zero solvent and zero emission production process. The product has the advantages of super soft touch, skin friendly breathability, anti skin contact allergy, antibacterial and mold proof, non-toxic and harmless, and no VOC precipitation.

The application scope of MEISHIYA organic silicone leather fabric in the field of baby and child care products can include: baby care products, baby toys, baby furniture, baby cribs, baby home soft bags, baby strollers, baby safety seats, etc.


 The application of silicone leather fabric in the field of infant and child clothing


The market prospects of silicone leather fabrics in baby and child products are also very broad. With the increasing awareness of the health and safety of infants and children, the demand for silicone leather fabrics will be increasing. At the same time, with the continuous development of technology, the production technology of silicone leather fabrics will also become more mature, and the future application fields will also be more extensive.



The application of silicone leather fabric in baby rooms.


 In short, the use of silicone leather fabrics for baby and child products is a very promising field. Organic silicone leather fabrics are not only environmentally friendly and durable, but also meet the physiological characteristics and safety requirements of infants and children, making them the future development trend of baby and children's products.


Guangdong MEISHIYA Technology Co., Ltd. has over thirty years of deep technology in organic silicone material research and numerous organic silicone adhesive formula patents, forming a complete industrial chain from the synthesis and production of organic silicone raw materials to independent research and development and production of silicone leather composite. Its aim is to provide global users with high-performance organic silicone leather fabrics that are eco-friendly, pollution-resistant, easy to clean, high weather resistant, and sustainable. The modern professional R&D and manufacturing base of MEISHIYA Technology is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The ecological garden style headquarters covers an area of over 20000 square meters, and the advanced production equipment in the manufacturing chain process can meet the high efficiency and high standard mass production order needs of our customers!



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