Can Silicone Leather Withstand Alcohol Disinfection?

Sure. Many people are concerned that alcohol disinfection will cause damage or impact to silicone leather, but it is not possible. MEISHIYA silicone leather fabric has strong anti fouling performance. Ordinary stains can be easily cleaned with water, but direct sterilization with alcohol or 84 disinfectant will not cause damage.

Is Silicone Leather A New Type Of Fabric?

Yes. MEISHIYA silicone leather belongs to a new type of environmentally friendly fabric. Moreover, it is not only safe, but also performs very well in all aspects.

Is it necessary to use chemical reagents such as Plasticizer and solvent in silicone leather processing?

These chemical reagents will not be used in the processing of MEISHIYA environment-friendly silicone leather. It does not add any Plasticizer and solvent, and does not pollute water and exhaust gas in the whole process, so its safety and environmental protection are higher than other leather.

In what ways can organic silicone leather demonstrate its natural anti fouling properties?

It is difficult to remove tea stains, coffee stains, and other stains from ordinary leather, and the use of disinfectant or cleaning agents can cause irreversible damage to the surface of the leather. However, for MEISHIYA organic silicone leather, ordinary stains can be easily removed by simple cleaning with water, and it can withstand the test of disinfectant and alcohol, without causing damage.

Are There Any Other Well-known Applications Of Silicone Leather Besides Furniture?

Its application in the automotive field is very extensive. Its silicone automotive leather reaches an extremely low release level in enclosed spaces, and is chosen by multiple car companies due to its excellent uniqueness.

Why Do Hospitals Now Use More Silicone Leather Seats In Their Waiting Areas?

The seats in the waiting area of a hospital are different from those in ordinary public places. They may come into contact with a large amount of bacteria, viruses, and medical waste and require frequent disinfection. Organic silicone leather, on the other hand, can withstand regular alcohol or disinfectant cleaning and disinfection, and is cleaner and non-toxic, so it is also adopted by many hospitals.

Is Silicone Leather Suitable For Long-term Use In Sealed Spaces?

Organic silicone leather is an environmentally friendly synthetic leather suitable for use in enclosed spaces. It is certified as non-toxic, harmless, and VOC free. There are no safety hazards in enclosed, high-temperature, and airtight spaces.

Will Silicone Leather Crack Or Be Damaged After Prolonged Use?

In general, it is not possible. Organic silicone leather sofas will not crack or break after being used for a long time.

Is Silicone Leather Also A Waterproof Fabric?

Yes. Organic silicone leather is now used in many outdoor furniture, often exposed to wind and rain without causing damage.

Is Organic Silicone Leather Also Suitable For Bedroom Decoration?

Suitable. Organic silicone leather does not contain substances such as formaldehyde, and no other substances are released, making it truly green and environmentally friendly leather.

Does Silicone Leather Contain Formaldehyde? Will Indoor Use Exceed The Standard?

The safety standard for formaldehyde content in indoor air is 0.1 milligrams per cubic meter, while the volatile formaldehyde content of organic silicone leather has not been detected. It is said that less than 0.03 milligrams per cubic meter cannot be detected, so MEISHIYA organic silicon leather is an environmentally friendly fabric that strictly meets safety standards.

Will The Various Properties Of Silicone Leather Disappear Over Time?

No. Organic silicone leather products come with easy decontamination properties and do not bind or react with substances other than the silicone series, so this natural self-cleaning performance will not be changed even after many years.

Will Daily Sunlight Accelerate The Aging Of Silicone Leather?

Organic silicone leather is an ideal outdoor leather, such as MEISHIYA organic silicone leather. Ordinary sunlight exposure will not accelerate the aging of the product.

Nowadays, Young People Are Pursuing Fashion Trends. Can Silicone Leather Be Customized Into Various Colors?

Yes, it can produce various colors of leather fabrics according to consumer needs, and its color fastness can maintain a bright color for a long time.

Are There Many Application Areas For Meishiya Silicone Leather Now?

Many. Our silicone rubber products have applications in aerospace, medical, automotive, yacht, outdoor home, and other fields.



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