What are the environmental performance of organic silicon leather fabrics reflected in?


Organosilicon leather, as a new type of environmentally friendly leather, has advantages such as low-carbon, green, environmental protection, health, and safety!

The vast majority of synthetic leather on the market uses petroleum by-products as the raw material for making leather coatings.These petroleum by-products belong to the carbon series compounds, which contain a large amount of carbon and are prone to producing carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide during production, resulting in large-scale air pollution. However, eco-friendly silicone leather like MEISHIYA uses common stones and sand from nature as raw materials, and does not produce polluting gases during production. It also uses an anhydrous process, which does not cause water pollution. It can be said that pollution is eliminated from the source.

Moreover, unlike other leathers, MEISHIYA silicone leather does not use a large number of chemical reagents such as Plasticizer and solvents in the processing process. It does not need any plasticizer or solvent, so there is no smell when it is produced. Even if it is used or placed for a long time, it will not release harmful gases.


Moreover, whether traditional genuine leather or synthetic leather, when ignited by fire, a large amount of irritating and harmful gases are generated, which not only pollutes the air but also poses certain safety hazards to the human body. But MEISHIYA organic silicon leather does not, and its combustion process is also refreshing and odorless, without releasing any harmful gases.

So, whether in the process of production or use, Meishiya environmentally friendly silicone leather is a better choice.

Guangdong MEISHIYA Technology Co., Ltd. has over thirty years of deep technology in organic silicone material research and numerous organic silicone adhesive formula patents, forming a complete industrial chain from the synthesis and production of organic silicone raw materials to independent research and development and production of silicone leather composite. Its aim is to provide global users with high-performance organic silicone leather fabrics that are eco-friendly, pollution-resistant, easy to clean, high weather resistant, and sustainable. The modern professional R&D and manufacturing base of MEISHIYA Technology is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The ecological garden style headquarters covers an area of over 20000 square meters, and the advanced production equipment in the manufacturing chain process can meet the high efficiency and high standard mass production order needs of our customers!



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