MEISHIYA makes good use of new ecological and environmental protection technologies, and create a new world!

MEISHIYA is a technology-based innovative enterprise focused on the research and manufacturing of polymer silicone synthetic leather. MEISHIYA was established on the basis of strong technical strength in the research and development center of organic silicon environmentally friendly ecological materials of Foshan Pulida Technology Co., Ltd. The parent company Foshan Pulida Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, a recommended enterprise for the production of silicone structural sealant for construction, and a specialized and innovative enterprise in Foshan. The core team has entered the field of building adhesives since the 1990s, and the development of the enterprise originated from organic silicon cross-linking agent products. It is one of the earliest high-tech manufacturers in China to develop and produce organic silicon cross-linking agent products.

MEISHIYA Technology has a profound technical foundation in over thirty years of research on organic silicone materials and numerous patents for organic silicone adhesive formulations. The complete industrial chain from the synthesis and production of silicone raw materials to the independent research and development and production of silicone leather composites, aims to provide global users with high-performance silicone leather fabrics that are eco-friendly, pollution resistant, easy to clean, high weather resistant, and sustainable. MEISHIYA modern professional R&D and manufacturing base is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It has an ecological garden style headquarters that integrates production and research, covering an area of over 20000 square meters. And its advanced production equipment can meet the high efficiency and high standard mass production needs of our customers!

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MEISHIYA is guided by a healthy lifestyle, with ecological and environmental safety as the premise, and research and development and industrialization capabilities as the core. It is committed to providing the best application solutions for green and environmentally friendly ecological materials and organic silicon leather! Research and development strength and product manufacturing process quality control are the advantages and strengths of MEISHIYA Technology, and are also symbols of the company's technical strength. And its research and development team is composed of multiple chemical experts, polymer material experts, senior technical engineers, and professional marketing teams. The company continuously invests a large amount of resources in the continuous improvement of product technology.

MEISHIYA silicone leather is made of silica gel as raw material, combined with Microfiber, non-woven fabric and other substrates. Organic silicon leather materials are inherently resistant to pollution, easy to clean, and have excellent characteristics such as acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, water and sweat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, environmental protection and odorlessness, strong wear resistance, and high flame retardancy, and they can fully meet the high requirements of different uses for leather fabrics. MEISHIYA organic silicone leather fabric, as a new generation of ecological materials, uses 100% food grade organic silicone and adopts a zero solvent and zero emission production process. The product has the advantages of super soft touch, skin friendly breathability, anti skin contact allergy, antibacterial and mold proof, non-toxic and harmless, and no VOC precipitation.

Compared with traditional leather, MEISHIYA organic silicon leather, which has more powerful advantages, can be widely used in various fields such as aviation and navigation, land transportation, medical and health care, public places, environmentally friendly homes, baby and child products, sports, electronic appliances, luggage and clothing, commercial furniture, outdoor facilities, commercial contracts, etc. MEISHIYA can provide customized substrates and patterns according to customers' actual needs. MEISHIYA leather engineers are willing to provide customers with detailed sample analysis and high-quality proofing. The company currently has hundreds of rich color and pattern categories, which can meet the high-end needs of different customers. MEISHIYA 's international marketing team is collaborating and coordinating with designers and development department personnel from various industries. As a pioneer in the application of silicone leather, we hope to serve more designers, product development engineers, and procurement departments in different industries.

MEISHIYA Technology promotes rapid development of the enterprise with its high-tech products, strong research and development capabilities, rigorous manufacturing processes, and emphasis on quality control. We always adhere to the concept of sustainable development, and we firmly adhere to our commitment to users both now and in the future!



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